Next Firmware?


Any idea when we can expect a firmware update?

I’d like to continue testing but with a cleaner firmware (the original one is bloated with used settings).


Excellent question…



We are having an internal test on the stable firmware for the next release. There is no estimate date on the next firmware release yet.





Like all GS betas, it’s likely that the first release of a new beta after the initial product reaches beta testers’ hands occurs after the original end-of-beta period. So before that becomes a problem (“Last day to post is May 31st”), can we expect to see it with enough time to load, and retest, or can we have an extension on the two weeks remaining in the beta test period?


Well, we will need an extension I think since we have no updates yet and we’re 3 days from the end.



We are behind on releasing the firmware because of internal testing that we had. We are trying to have a stable firmware to release it to Beta testers for testing.

Currently, we are working on another new firmware and hoping to release it on Friday. You don’t have to worry about the period of this Beta forum, we will extend it if needed. :slight_smile:

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That is GREAT news (on the extending of the BETA period…


So, the firmware release isn’t going well on that device! We still haven’t seen any update. None of the fw passes QA?


I find it interesting that the internal beta is going about as well as the external. :slight_smile:


What about new firmware? I haven’t find it…


It has not been released yet.


Hi All,

We still working on the ‘stable’ firmware before releasing it to Beta testers, there is a few candidates firmware to release as official but we will need to wait until it passes our internal testing.

Meanwhile, you guys can keep testing on the firmware that comes with the device. Your help will be much appreciated to improve this product.

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Any updates on new firmware?


Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long wait, the previous firmware didn’t pass our internal testing so we couldn’t release it to public.

We just release firmware v. today. This firmware should have an improvement on audio quality and please keep mind some of your feedback may not been implemented yet in this firmware.

Thank you,