New UCM this fall?


Hi guys.

I have a 6102 and am looking to upgrade now that fw updates are no longer being developed.

Any word on a replacement for the 6202? I’d hate to buy one and then see a new model come out in the near future.


None that I know of and it is doubtful that any manufacturer will put out much advance notice for fear of stranding inventory while users wait for the new units instead of buying the existing. They might do so if the distributor inventories are low and the new product (if one is indeed on the horizon) is ready, but this would likely be a rather a “release” announcement rather than a coming new product expected in XXXX. Depending on how much of a change to a new product, they might announce a Beta test period, but this too has not happened to my knowledge.

Perhaps others will know more.


Grandstream is working on an additional line of UCMs (every manufacturer is always working on future products). From what I was told, the UCM63xx line of products is in the works, but it is not meant to replace the 62xx line. [The 62xx line came about as the chipset used in the 61xx line was becoming harder to get and scarcity increases costs. From what I understand this is not the driver for the next generation of UCMs.]

No specific details on the UCM6300 line to discuss, but it will be built with more horsepower and memory to support more CPU/memory intensive UC applications like the video conferencing Grandstream recently added to the UCM6200 line.

As always the decision of when to update hardware should be driven by why you want to upgrade (e.g. current hardware failing or a new feature you need/want to use that is not in the system you own). If you are currently using the a UCM6100 that is stable and is provideing you with all the features you need, you need to ask yourself why you want to upgrade.


The only thing I know is that they were looking into building a UCM63xx with a DECT base integrated for small deployments. I thought it was a great idea but I’ve never had comebacks on that, so it might be dead.


@retlas think of a life cycle of 3 to 5 years from introduction of the product is when it will be superseded - eol

That is what I inform the customer…



Even if a new UCM comes out in the next year are there any features the current model doesn’t have that would make it a lame duck for you? Never plan a deployment now on what -may- be released later. Specs change, OEMs change, political climate, etc…can all sway what gets released “soon”. You can’t go wrong (IMO) with the current line of UCM products. People are still buying the UCM 61xx series on eBay and using them with the last supported firmware.


Hi, i bought the 61xx about a month before the 62xx came out.

We are concerned about missed security patches on the old device and the lack of support for new features, like unified firmware.


Yes, I saw that the UCMs have been on a 3 year cycle, and the 62xx was released 3 years ago. If the new version was imminent, i’d hold off - but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


At the moment, Grandstream has committed to upgrading he 61xx series for any security vulnerability they find out about, so that is not an issue.

What specific feature has been released that is missing from the 61xx do you need? If it is just in case of something coming out later, wait until it is out to make the decision.

That is what I’d advise any of my clients; if there is no current need, defer.


We will likely also see both the 62xx and 63xx platform have support and development for a while like we did with the 61xx and 62xx. Next year I’ll be planning to replace a Toshiba IPEdge (with HA) with five remote sites connected back. It’s about 500 handsets plus door stations and some cameras. It’ll be interesting to see what we have available to us by then.