New UCM is created when IP change


We changed the IP of a UCM that was synced in GDMS and instead of changing the IP on GDMS, it created a whole new UCM with SIP Users.

We had to re-assign each phone with the new extension/server.

Could it be possible to just change the IP? Suggestion: use the device name (in General Settings) as Server Name. This way you can change the IP by looking by name instead of whatever it does right now.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! We noticed a similar issue as you reported: the current synchronization method between UCM and GDMS is UCM sends the IP address to GDMS platform, and in this case, if the user uses domain name or NAT in the UCM, it may block the user to sync the UCM to GDMS platform. We have a solution for this issue in UCM device side, which is users can configure UCM server address to IP or domain name to sync the UCM with GDMS platform.

In your case, this is a known issue that when the user modify the UCM IP address, there will be an extra UCM server for GDMS platform. We will improve this issue in GDMS platform: when users modify IP address for the existing UCM in GDMS platform, there will not be an extra UCM server in GDMS platform. You can see the upgrade in GDMS future release.

Thanks for your testing and suggestion!

Thank you!


Discovered another small bug with GDMS/UCM integration:

The VM access number isn’t configured (and is not available in templates, only SIP Server) and we can’t edit it either. So, when pressing VM on the phones, it does nothing. Make it at least editable in the UI please.


Dear user,

Thanks for your feedback! This is a known issue that we will consider to move the voicemail access number option to the account settings in each device account in GDMS future release. Thanks for your suggestion!

Thank you!