New GXV-3240 Firmware Kills Ethernet


I just successfully updated a known-working Grandstream GXV-3240 telephone from v1.0.3.186 to v1.0.3.193 (released as official yesterday) via TFTP on local PBX, and the telephone now gets ‘No IP’ on the new firmware. All programming appears to be there, and everything appears to be working (including PoE)… except the crucial ability to get on a network. I tried changing the telephone from DHCP to a Static IP Address, but it was still inaccessible.

As a workaround, I was however able to get the telephone on our company WiFi network. As I have no idea what is going on with the new firmware, I’m attempting to downgrade it to the last v1.0.3.186 firmware that it had been running for quite some time. I reviewed the release notes, and am hoping someone knows/sees something that I don’t.


I had the same Issues with two GXV3275, the only way to get the phones work was downgrading firmware. Today I had the same situation with GAC2500, it was upgraded to last firmware but cannot connect to wire network, does not acquire IP address and trying use static IP didn’t work also.


Hi, all,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We realized this issue and will fix it later build. The current way to fix this on fw1.0.3.193 is to disable LLDP:

On LCD -> Settings -> Wireless & network -> Additional network settings -> LLDP: OFF

Thank you.


Confirmed, This does fix the issue on the 3275 as well.