New GXP1610 Phones with UCM 6208 are sluggish / laggy


Hello there,

we are using a UCM6208 (newest FW) and about 30 GXP2160.
Now i’ve bought some GXP1610 (also newest FW installed) Phones too. These are very laggy or sluggish. Hard to describe.
If i call this new extension it rings 5-7 seconds later. Also if i press the round middle button to see the State Screen it is slowly and i have to wait up to 3-4 seconds until the display is changing.

do you have any ideas what could be the reason?

-network config over dhcp
-the SIP Account is setted by UCM Zero config
-no other settings changed after factory reset

i’ve also tryed a other device GXP1610 , cable and switch port


Well, I can only venture a guess which is that it is the least powerful and least feature laden phone in the GS portfolio. As a result, it likely has the least powerful processor which compared to the 2160 is like comparing a Yugo to a BMW 5 series.

Is it more responsive when you remove it from the network? The only thing I can suggest is submitting a ticket. Personally, I don’t and won’t use this model just because it is the bottom of the line.


many thanks for your fast answer.

I thought that the device e.g. in a garage should be sufficient for simple phone calls. i don’t need any other features there.

Without a network connection it seems a little faster

I will open a ticket


I have hundreds of GXP1625 phones and they are sluggish too, at least when they just booted up. They normalize after the 1st us of the UI or phone call. I guess too heavy software for what the hardware can offer. Have you tried with an older firmware ?