New GWN7615 setup as slave, won't factory reset


Hi - I have just bought a brand new GWN7615 AP. It works fine out of the box as a standalone wireless AP, i.e. direct from a laptop or phone in terms of network and internet access.

I need to be able to log in to the AP to change IP, SSID etc etc. but I cannot do this, it times out - the IP address of the AP is discovered by the Grandstream discovery tool ( and it also times out via https://gwn_.local.

I’ve since read that a unit set as a slave cannot be accessed via the web gui, so a factory reset is required.

Doing a factory reset via the physical button appears to work, i.e. the LEDs flash red (3 times I think).

Rebooting the AP shows green LEDs first, then after a couple of minutes, they are purple and stay purple.

Running the discovery tool again finds the AP and still shows it as a slave. I have reset 5, 6 times now with no luck.

The FW appears out of date, it shows as, the latest (I think) is

What are my options: Send it back for a replacement? Upgrade the FW via SSH or something?



What is the device a slave to? Is there another GWN AP acting as a master? If so, then the link needs to be broken at the master first. Then do the reset.


I don’t know - it’s a brand new unit delivered today - it’s the first Grandstream product I’ve bought.

Everything I’ve read says a factory reset will clear the slave setting but it doesn’t - I wonder if it’s because the FW is out of date?


Where did you buy the device? Was it new, unopened in the original box?



Yes it was new, boxed, clean etc.

A store in Guildford, sold via Ebay.


Hmmm. Ebay or anyone associated thereto is not an authorized reseller. One would have to wonder how someone came into possession of such a device that they could offer it as NIB. I suspect it may have been used and programmed as a slave and perhaps is still configured with a provisioning server as such.

If you can prevent Internet access and then factory reset, perhaps then you can get in, but the Internet access has to be prevented.

I would return it if possible.


The physical store itself appears to be legit, I actually wanted a 7610 but they emailed me to say it was discontinued and no more were coming from their supply chain, but could supply this in its place.

The store is and are based in Guildford. Their ‘about-us’ says they’re a distributor so no reason to suspect anything.

I’ll try a reset or 2 again, with just the power connected (no internet / network connection).

If it doesn’t reset properly, I’ll send it back for a replacement that hopefully they can double check before sending it.

Thanks for your advice.


If you do a reset with no network, then how will you access it and what will prevent it from trying to provision when you do connect the network back?

You might call them and see what they can offer if the reset does not work. Makes me wonder why as a distributor, they would feel compelled to use Ebay? Was there a price difference between the website and Ebay offerings? If Ebay was cheaper, it could be an outlet for returned items.


At the time of buying the 7610, I didn’t compare the ebay price and website price and the 7610 is now showing discontinued on their website so I don’t know if there was a difference. They offered me the 7615 in its place for the same price as I’d already paid etc.

I don’t think it has been used, but I could be wrong.

A couple of resets still show purple LEDs so I will contact them for a replacement.


I wonder if it is configured on

See what happens if you set up the AP in If it shows as registered elsewhere you will have a clear answer.

If not, you may be able to reconfigure the unit from there. is a free service from Grandstream.