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Per your request - I am opening this new topic. Again, for the record, I am not on the Beta, but have been told in the above post that the GRP ring tones are the same as the GXP ring tones. Hence…

Historically there has been much dialogue around the default ring tones Grandstream has provided for the GXP series of phones. I don’t intent to repeat all that dialogue. Suffice it to say no one to my recollection has ever stated their like for the GXP default ring tone, nor have the 3 alternatives had any supporters.

Speaking for myself (but echoing others) we would the default ring tone to be a ring tone and not the sounds you historically hear. I would like the alternatives to be more business like.

I am not sure, but assume the Nortel ring tones are copyright, but that is often the example I hear suggested.

I am sure others here can add their views.

Thanks for listening.



Thanks for the post. We will be soliciting feedback to improve the default ringtone. Just to be clear about the Nortel ringtone, are you referring to the Nortel standard ringtone or are there other specific tones from Nortel that we should evaluate? I found a website that plays some of the Nortel tones:


Either Standard or Meridian 1 would be a good reference.



We noted this suggestion.


Standard Phone Ringtones