Networked UCm 6304 capabilities



Customer has three locations interconnected with fiber. Each location will have UCM 6304 system. Requirement is that a single security station at location C can answer door / gate intercom at locations A B and C. Would require ability to use GVX 3350 to see who is at the gate with GDS 3712 intercom and then allow them entry. Each location would have their own copper trunks to the telco and otherwise be independent.

Extensions would be 1XX at A, 2XX at B and 3XX at location C. We would want a SIP tie trunk between systems.

Could we make a ring group that includes extensions from all three locations? Thereby allowing video from a gate to be viewed at a remote location?


That is possible on all UCM ranges of systems - using ldap and adding the other system users to the localised group.

Look at the documentation for more information.