Network wifi GWN7610




I am installing 24 ap GWN7610 and I can not get it to work in different valns.

I have valns:
172.10.2, xxx
172.20.2, xxx,
172,30,2, xxx,
172,40,2, xxx,

in the total of ten vlans,

when all aps are in the same vlan works fine, provisioning the slave apples, I get set up, works fine.

When I put in another vlan the aps are always offline, the master can not see the after slaves.

What’s wrong or does not work in different networks?

Help me, thank you,


Firmware ?



The firmware used is the beta test


Try downgrade to 16 stable, it can be bug in 17

Also please read this and join Ap group:


What you posted does not represent Vlans, but rather different LAN segments. Additionally, some of the LAN segments chosen do not represent addresses that fall withing the recognized ranges of what is considered to be private IP ranges. For the 172 range it is: to

Keep in mind for devices to communicate across Vlans, they need to be members of the same Vlan. So, if you had Vlans that are 20, 40, 80, 100, 120 and 140, for example, the Master would need to be a member of all.

Also, you might consider establishing different network groups instead of Vlans, but this may depend on your needs.