Network LED is blinking constantly


DP752 Network LED is blinking constantly at a rate of 2 times a second.
Everything is working fine. Checked the doco for the DP750 and nothing obvious. Anyone know what meaning this is supposed to be conveying?


This happened to me too after rebooting the base station.

I think it’s when the device is getting its network config via DHCP.


blink 2 times a second, does it mean “on-off, on-off” in a second, or just on-off in a second? Thanks!


Blnking Rate = 2Hz


After a reboot, all three lights stable (on constantly).
Is there any info on the three lights: blink rates, etc. ?


sounds like the device detected a network disconnect but failed to switch the stable after the network recovered. Our software team are studying the case and analysis.


not related to this topic, but I had suggested to flash the led “account” in case there was at least one active conversation, it works very useful to me.



I agree with this suggestion. It makes it much easier in case you need to “disconnect” or “reboot” the base to know you are not cutting off a conversation.