.net or .php config tool


I have searched far and wide… I am lost/blind/both. Does anyone know of a .net utility that can be customized and exported? What I am using now for GXP2170s is a mishmash of .cfg text files and .xls files - exported to .CSV. I have a client with a healthy amount of phones and a high turnover rate. I find my self fighting .CSV files and appending the VPKs to multiple configs. And of course… with all the departments they are small batches. One employee change can take me 90 minutes to make the changes across the board.

I am searching for a .php program that saves to a database (docker) or a .net program that saves on the computer. I don’t mind running the resulting .cfg through the Grandstream XML config Generator.

Does anyone know if this type of tool exists? If not, I am willing to get one made… Is there any interest for something like this?


Does the PBX used there has a provisioning method? Whether ZeroConfig or else?

I know no software except GS Config Tool. Most businesses who built their own config software did it in-house and keep the code very secretive.


I am using Yeastar PBX S-Series. it does have a provisioning tool… but it is very limited to say the least. The VPK’s are the chore not the core configs. But as always one-stop-shop is always nice.


Look what I found: https://www.yeastar.com/download/SIP_Phones/S-Series/Grandstream_IP_Phone_Configuration_Guide_en.pdf

This should help you. If not, then I suggest either switching to GS UCM or simply creating your own provisioning system. I would recommend PHP because it works everywhere, while .NET is a bit tricky.