Need suggestions: Multiple accounts on phone, how to handle call park buttons


I have a customer that I am programming some GXP-2170 phones for. They have 3 incoming DID’s and would like a button for each. This would be to determine the call coming in and how to answer it.

I can create multiple extensions, 101,201, 301, but it’s when I get to the Call Park buttons, I run into an issue.

In the VMPK settings, if I define a button as Monitored Call Park, I have to select an account. 1,2,3, etc.

If i define these buttons as 71,72,73, etc. It appears that only Account one can place these calls on hold and remove them. I normally do not have multiple accounts on a phone, I haven’t run past this before.

What do you suggest? So that I can use all 3 accounts, and access a call on hold or place a call on hold from any of the accounts.

The desire too for multiple accounts is for outbound traffic, so that each button can have a Caller ID set for it.

I offered them an outbound dialing rule, of something like 7+,8,+9+, to select which route/Caller ID would be send out.

It’s like having 3 companies on the one phone but I am not sure what the best way to go is.



For this purpose I set a different DOD per extension so that any calls on ext 1 (Company A) goes out as Company A, ext 2 (Company B) as Company B, etc.

I haven’t run into the Call Park issues yet, so I’m interested to hear what other have to say.


What did you use for Call Park? I assign 71, 72, 73 to buttons. In the drop down, you have to assign an account there, Account 1, 2, 3, etc. So when I try to place a call on hold via the 2nd account, it will not let me, since the hold buttons I set are account specific and there is no way to avoid that.


We just program each DID to a group and let the group identifier let the person with the phone know what company they called. Then you can use one set of parks for all calls. We program a set of “prefix-digits” the caller can dial so the outbound CID is flexible on a per-call basis. Works great. Have a holding company that has about 60 clients and they need to originate and answer for each client. No problem!