Need Suggestion for Sip Trunk Company


Need suggestion for Sip Trunk Company, I try Twilio but they don’t offer outbound Caller ID


I use -


I have been using Vitelity (now Voyant) for years with great success.


It depends on what you needs are or want to accomplish. It may also depend on the degree of assistance you may need should problems arise.

There are plenty of great providers out there and some, perhaps some being not so much.

Are you needing the service just for yourself, or do you intend to resell or white-label? Do you want an automatic fail-over so that if the trunk or PBX go down and no communications flow between the two, the provider will route the calls to a different desitination be it a cell, landline or even another PBX.

Do you need a telephone directory listing?

Do you need international calling or perhaps even a presence?

Do you need to manipulate the callerID?
Are you OK with submitting a ticket if that is the only level of support the provider offers or do you want the option to speak to someone?

There are many questions (more than what I have posted) you should be asking yourself about what services meet your needs and then do some research on your own to get some on-line reviews about the companies that seem to fit the bill. Once done, then ask forum members about their experience with these same providers as their experience with a given provider will likely be more relevant given that the equipment being used will be similar if not the same.


This service is for my business, (not for resale)
I need caller ID to reflect my business name so people recognize my business name
i’m going to use Ucm Pbx, no international calling required
for support both will work as i found a person who can help with issue with my PBX

Thanks for reply


Then -
you have some suggestions from some of the others -

I can
to name a few.

If you need fax for your business, then examine each closely.


We’ve had a lot of success with Flowroute


I should also point out that are a couple of forum contributors who are also providers and they may also worth considering.


thanks i deal with twillio they don’t offer caller id name


I’m not sure if it helps or if you’re aware, but Twilio just doesn’t offer Caller Id Name on Twilio purchased phone numbers. They’ll support it for verified numbers, and I believe if you port the number into Twilio they’ll still respect it as well (you just don’t be able to change it).


We use Q5 Networks. They are pretty cost efficient and reliable


We use Voyant for all our customers, have had very good success with them and their support is excellent


Perfect timing.

Customer of mine asked me to move them from Flowroute to Skyetel (whom I’ve never heard of). Anyone used Skyetel before?

I don’t like the website, I don’t like the billing, I can’t (so far) get it working but the option look comprehensive and the rates look very low. I lose trust in them because I’m not allowed to share the rates as part of the terms of service. I’m not yet sure what the outbound rates are.

This is the article that caught my customers eye.


Are you acting as a reseller for Skyetel or simply setting up the client’s preference to a SIP provider as a “bring your own provider”? I am guessing a reseller as not being able to share pricing is fairly common as they may have a plan for your projected volume which may be different than others. The reason I asked is because, while you may not care for their website and/or billing, it may be moot if this is a one-off thing you are doing for a client.

No experience with them, but the website looks nice. There are a number of details lacking and the international calling seems very limited, but I suspect the site is the “tease” to get your interest so you will call and then find out the details.

Wish I could help, but will be interested to see how it works out. I see they are 3CX and Yeastar certified and support Fusion, so all is not lost.


FWIW - Here is a list put together by CounterPath, the makers of Bria.