Need more Subsites


GDMS is limited to 7 subsites. This is not enough IMHO to manage a more segmented *more office) company.

Can we please get at least 10 subsites in GDMS?


7 is not enough? Damn, how many segments are you doing with your sites?

I tried multiple scenario and never even reached the 7th level!


I have a client with 8 sites right now, and I would like headroom if they grow a little bit more in the future.

I had quote for a client with a site in each province (10); didn’t get the job but if I did…


I have a client with 12 sites. I’m trying to win another client with 18.

7 is not enough.


Are you all aware that the limitation of 7 only applies on “levels” of subsites?

Meaning: there is no limit to how many sites you can create. However, there is a limit on how many levels can be nested.

This was recently explained in a GDMS Preview webinar.


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

We can add more levels of sites in GDMS platform such as 10 levels if more users really need to establish 10 levels sub-sites. This request will be saved and reported to our developers, we may extend the limitation to 10 levels in the future release.

Thank you!


Yes. But if I am managing all my clients via GDMS, it seems to me that it would be easiest and most intuitive if I have each company as the top level and each location as a sub-level.underneath the main.

This is certainly how I manage all my customer records and I’ve found it an elegant and easy solution to keeping things organized and quick to access.

This is not a deal-breaker, but if Grandstream is starting from scratch, which they are, they may as well get it setup the best way possible for their user base.

Anyways I thought the purpose of the Beta was to highlight areas that don’t work or need improvement. To me, the user interface is a key component.



Again, this is not a problem actually. Even if you have 10 sublocations, you tree will look like this:

  • Main Site
    • Site 1
    • Site 2
    • Site 3
    • and so on…

Not a tree like this (these are levels):

  • Main Site
    • Site 1
      • Site 2
        • Site 3
          • and so one.

The limitation is on the level part. So I can’t really figure out how much sites you have under a business site to need 10 levels. 7 was already plenty IMHO.

Anyways, it will be pushed to 10.



Thanks for the clarification. I misunderstood.


Then next Main Site, etc.

Exactly what I see the need for.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

This request has been passed to our GDMS developers for evaluation. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Thank you!