Need improved GXP2200EXT with color display!



It sure would be nice to have a nice color display extension board that matches the color displays of the 2170 or android screen phones…


Does anyone know if Grandstream is working on this?


Grandstream- how about some commentary?


I doubt they work, current are not cheap colour screen will cost lot more.


Grandstream- any chance this is something we can look forward to?


I have a ticket logged for this on 21 August 2016 (20160821163256)

Yealink is greyscale (better as its shades of grey)
Cicso is FULL COLOR, also better…

I put weblinks in to show there revials, so i am sure they will do something, just not sure when.


Just bumping this- I would like to see a response from grandstream. I would happily buy a whole bunch of these…


Not seen or heard anything. The EXT board is very over due to be renewed in its design but still fits the GXP2170 and GXV3240 phones. The end user experience for this board is very lacking compared to the above companies.


I agree. Seriously- I would buy one of these for every phone in my office if it had a nice color screen that matched the phones it was paired with…


I have to agree, a full color screen on the EXT board, power and data down the same cable as the phone AND up to 4 on each device, would hit these phones right up to the top of the “i must have” list in my opinion.


+1 here and would prefer key numbering top to bottom on left column then on to the right.


I can’t imagine that it would be hard for Grandstream to accomplish this; mainly just a physical change to the panel from my perspective.

Would be a good move.



I’m fine with an upgrade, I hope the current one remains available or a new one is available at the same price. don’t want the interface or how they are addressed to really change though.


Yeah I have one extension board in my office and all my phones are GXP-2170s. It just looks so bad attached to such a nice phone.


Looks like they may be doing something, new phones (GXP2136) has a BLF as a color screen (see image), also another new phone GXV3380 has the same silver bar vertically on it… looks like they are re-designing the GXP21xx series which do look nicer.

I would hope a new GXP2200EXT will be part of the series.




Oh wow those do look nice. Where did you find these?


ISE 2018 show


Cebit 2018

Also there is GXV3370 (next GXV3275) - same look but Android 7 + better cpu and memory.


Any updates? Be nice if Grandstream could comment…


They are coming.

GXV3370 is already on market (same look like 3275 but new HW).
GXV3380 will have android 7 i hope, it have 6 which i asked to changed to 7 for sanity reason :smiley:
GXP2136 - no info :frowning: