Need help with directing incoming calls to rooms in motel


I need help with programming a GXP2170 to direct incoming calls to rooms in motel. Is this possible? I looked at the Support webpage but I didn’t see anything that would help.



exactly what do you have to do?
voip server?


Just as I said, When a person calls the business, at a voice prompt, they need to be given a choice of a room number to be transferred to. For instance, if the caller wants to speak to a person in room 27, the option to enter 27 on the caller’s phone needs to be given to connect to room 27.

Hopefully, this explains the issue.


try with IVR function,
you can find everything in the UCM manual


Please clarify what telephone equipment you are using. What is a GXP2179? Did you mean a GXP2170, which is just a desk telephone. A GXP2170 does not have any capability to do what you are asking for.



Yes, I made a typo, it should be a GXP2170. Programming the IVR looks rather complicated with all the options… I went back and edited my initial question. Thanks.


IVR programs it in 5 minutes, or ask the VoIP manager to give you a number in GNR, for example 0113456-201 up to 0113456-2xx, 201 is sent as input to 201 and so on.
You have no other choices.


The GXP is not a PBX and is not able to do as you wish on its own. RickL indicated the same.

You need an IP-PBX to take the incoming call(s) and then present the IVR to the caller which will have a recording informing the caller of what the options are so that they can make a selection.

As an aside, having external callers being able to reach a guest room directly is a risk. You will be exposing the guests to the possibility of scam calls of all types. There are scammers that look specifically for hotels set like this who will call the IVR, input a room number and when the guest answers, will portray themselves as being from the front desk and that there credit card did not go thru. They will then try and convince the guests that to save them the time and inconvenience of having to come down to the front desk to re-run the card, they can simple take the info over the phone. You might be surprised how many provide the info. In fact, I have quite a number of hotels across the country and most have even gotten to the point where room to room dialing is no longer desired.