Need help with 3rd party phone compatibility with UCM62xx


Hi, im new in here but i want to ask.

I have two potential clients, but they ask if they can use their phones or part of the phones they have, can i use every 3rd party phones in ucm62XX?

Is there a list of 3rd party phone compatibility with UCM62xx?

One client i think has polycomm phones(don’t know the model)

Another one has Avaya 1603 and 1608 phones.

Hopefully you can help me


There is no list,

As long as the phone is SIP compatible it should work…however (knew this was coming)…you will need to manually configure the phones to the UCM and some phones may have added features unique to their brand that are not a function of SIP, but added functions that are not a function of telephony itself.

You will need to do your homework and you should, if possible, see the phones in action as they are with the clients today. The users know them and how they work and will compare what they have now to whatever you give them should you change out the system. Unfortunately, many abhor change and will cause much grief unless you are prepared.