Need help to Dial into a Zoom/GotoMeeting


UCM6204 for home use. 12 extensions, 3 SIP Trunks, 5 DID/DODs
We have a bunch of teenagers and instead of getting them all cell phones, found it cheaper to do it this way. and I have more control of who and when they call :slight_smile: (Evil dad). And besides I used 1 of the extensions for when I work from home, and i use the PBX as my sandbox to try and better understand UCM for when im at work.

I’m running into issues or I am not completely understanding how I did it (doesnt do it anymore) and how to set it back up to work regularly.

At work we will have Zoom meetings, WebEx Meetings or some people will just have a regular SIP account and want or do a 1 on 1 video call. When I first setup my PBX i was somehow able to dial a zoom call by doing something like Worked great, didn’t think much of it. Days and weeks later adding a few SIP trunks, a few more extensions and now trying to get everything live/production I can’t dial or connect to the meetings the same way.

I do not want to use the Zoom/Webex app on the phone. I believe some of the phones I have, are too old and can’t have the apps installed. And the fact that the phone I did do the zoom call on, wasn’t using the app.

So my questions are is there an outbound rule I did not setup properly to understand or does it have to be an IP address only which would suck trying to dial a SIP extension/phone doing SIP2SIP.
I did enable IP Call on my and a few extensions, but that is looking for an IP address only, which I am assuming for internal LAN which doesnt help me. And when we have some of these meetings my job will say using any SIP h.323 device dial in using the following number

So from Zoom’s page their SIP dialing format is as follows:

SIP Dial String Format

The full SIP dial string format:

[Meeting ID].[Passcode].[Layout].[Host Key]@[IP Address]
[Meeting ID].[Passcode].[Layout].[Host Key]


You probably need make trunk-trunk call. It need to be set correctly as by default UCM do not allow them.
As for normal, you need set up trunk correctly so it will sent correct data.

As i see this string you need use default layout

Also pass must be Static if needed. You can’t easy manipulate dial string to provide pass in UCM.
You can try set it endpoint. Full string dial to UCM.


We have it working by just setting up a trunk to Zoom with “” as the host. We then just use a dialing prefix to use the Zoom trunk, and set an outbound route to use that trunk and strip the prefix. Users then just dial the prefix and meeting ID and they’re connected to Zoom. It actually works pretty well.

Note that I believe you need to be licensed for the Zoom Room Connector in order to use this method.


That sounds more of what I need. I did try and look on their web page, and yes it looks like it is more of a paid feature. I am using this more at home for when our kids have meetings with their counselors or for video classes. I’m waiting for someone from their support to try and get to me to see about setting up a trunk, but since i am a “free” user I can’t get access to their support team directly.

trunk-trunk makes perfect sense to me, but i guess where I am more confused or not understanding is. what if I wanted to make a one time call or a random call to one of these providers for a video meeting. or video 1on1 with someone outside of my house/organization. Do I need a trunk to every single person?

So from my house I or one of my kids wants to call someone at sip2sip_us, the next week video a gotomeeting, or a zoom or a webex. There are dozens of more video call options and I see notices that says if we have a compliant h.323/sip device we can join or do a video call.

I guess trying to simplify it in my mind does my phone understand that if i am dialing JohnDoe@sip_us (and I don’t have a sip_us account) that it will know to connect my internal extnsion (1234@myhouse.internal) to sip_us and try the extension JohnDoe. and sip_us is just an example.