NAT TRAVERSAL or P1814= configuration in GDMS



Comparing the physical configuration of the terminals with their templates I have realized that there are options or parameters or if you want to say configurations that are not found in GDMS and that perhaps are important for remote administration.

How can I apply the NAT TRAVERSAL or P1814= configuration in GDMS if it is not visibly there?


if you talk about Remote conncet, you should use stun
On GDMS you can enter all the parameters you want, at the top right there is something like “text parameters” and enter the codes without “p”


That’s the problem, that the function should be visible in the GDMS UI and not through the P value as not everyone would handle it the same.


Anyway, me knowing in P value, I have tried to get it to run and it doesn’t work!


result… I stay the same, I don’t change anything.



I think this one is for account 6
Try to add
which is the Pcode of NAT Traversal type for the Account1 because, if you are not aware of that, there is different NAT-T Pcodes for each account.
Account 1 NAT Traversal ==> P52
Account 2 NAT Traversal ==> P414
Account 3 NAT Traversal ==> P514


Dear user,

Thank you for using the GDMS platform! This option is in the “SIP Server” section, you can modify it by clicking “Edit Server” option in the GDMS platform. If your SIP server is synced from a UCM device, you may need to set it in the UCM Web UI. You can also push this parameter to the device through the Text Editor. If you want to modify P1814, you may set “1814=XXXX” in the Text Editor and push the settings to the device. Please see the screenshot below:

Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

Thank you!