My HT812 VOIP Adapter


My HT812 VOIP Adapter is register to my Freeswitch, inbound works fine to the ATA.
when calling an outbound call from the ATA are failing, its giving an 404 Inbound Error.

[inbound routes] 404 not found


What is that device ?


Grandstream Ht802 and HT812 all giving the same issue, with the ht503 works no issues.


The statement is confusing as you are apparently making an outbound call, but “it” is giving an inbound error.
What is “it”?
I assume “it” to be the Freeswitch and if so, the error is from Freeswitch? If this is the case it means that Freeswitch is seeing a dial string coming from the HT, but is not able to find a route to send the call. It is not matching to an extension or a route that allows and outbound call.

Have you tried dialing a local extension or voicemail of the extension to see if local HT to PBX or extension to extension works?


calling extension to extension works, vmail works, inbound works but when it send calls to the freeswitch it says inbound error so its really weird


Then your dial string is not making FS happy or there is no route for the call to be sent out.I suppose it may also be that whatever the extension number you have the HT set to, is not allowed or may not have the permissions needed to get to the route, but I would have thought a different error code. As you can reach the other extensions, it seems to only be a settings issue in what you are dialing to make an external call and what the FS wants to see. You may need to do a capture and see.


Here is a copy
Ca |ller_destination|18004321000|
| — | — |
|profile_start_stamp|2019-11-29 21:49:24|
|current_application_data|[inbound routes] 404 not found|


do a network capture.