My GDS3710, does not let me access the web page to be able to configure


HELLO my GDS3710 does not answer me, when I enter the web page to configure the browsers they tell me that time exceeded, I can send a ping and they answer me, the GS search can find it easily, any solution about it?
I thank you very much



Try a different browser and clear the cache.
Have you ever been able to get to the GUI?
Have you power cycled the device and then tried?
Are they running the latest firmware release?

I had what might have possibly been the same issue involving the very early versions of firmware. I had to power cycle whereupon I could get in and then I updated and the devices seem to be much better now at responding.


I deleted the cache of all the browsers, I installed them again, before the computer could be damaged if I could go in, I turned it off and it stayed but, I have not updated the firmware, but when I enter and I hope to enter it I will update it jajaajjajaaj i have a curse


What firmware you have in that GDS? If you lost WebUI access, are you able to PING the device? If yes, then please try SSH to get in and do factory reset? Please upgrade to latest firmware and try again. Thanks and good luck!


thank you, I will use that suggestion, excuse me, the factory password of the GDS3710 is: password?


The password is on the sticker on the backside of the GDS…


the problem is that the gds is stuck on the wall, so that only the keyboard and the camera are


If there was a way to mount it to the wall, there must also be a way to unmount it…
Otherwise what would you do if the hardware is dead?
Walled-in electronics is not carefully thought-out planning. There should always be a revision access.


Password is also on box i think, but not sure as i have sample only with me.


I could already get the password that is behind the GDS3710, does anyone know what is the process of the factory reset, and what do I have to do after having made the factory reset?,

estuve investigando sobre el presionado de teclas para el reinicio de fabrica
*conectado a la red
*conectado a la energia
*presionar las teclas " * + 0 + # "

es sierto?


If you have admin password, you can either use HTTP to access WebUI, or use SSH to access the CLI, to issue factory RESET and perform soft factory reset by issuing related command.

If you can NOT access those two options, you need to use the provided Weigand Cable to short related cable/PIN to do hard factory reset. Instruction is at the User Manual:

If all the above are not working but the device still under warranty, please contact Grandstream Support Ticket System, the support engineer will advise you what procedures to follow.

Thank you for using GDS3710.