MWI on analog phone



I recently purchased an HT-802 for an end user’s analog phone to connect to our Mitel 3300 phone switch. I configured the device properly and tested and verified that it can make and receive calls. However, the end user would like to have the message waiting light on the physical phone work-- notifying of voicemails left on our Nupoint messaging system. We use the “Mitai” MWI profile for message waiting on our IP phones and other analog phones on our AX controllers. Is there any way to have the analog phone on the HT802 pick up MWI so it doesn’t just blink on the 802 box itself, but also the analog phone’s MWI light?

Here is a list of other MWI profiles if any would work through the HT-802:

  • Pager
  • Program RS232
  • Centrex RS232
  • Unified Integration
  • Hitachi PMS
  • Marriott PMS

Thank you in advance!

-David H.


MWI on the HT802 is either a stutter tone when handset is offhooked, or by using MWI with FSK. I’m not sure which analog phone you are using with our ATA, but some analog phones support either FSK or NEON as MWI lamp. See if you can try changing the phone’s MWI switch to FSK and see if that works. If not, I would highly suggest filing a ticket at


The type of phone I am using is Medpat XL-88Q. The protocol is the same of all medpat phones, and they don’t seem to have any MWI switch on them. I’ll look into putting in a ticket.

Thank you!