Multiple UCM61XX - Extensions went to Account Not Registered at same time


So this morning i have 5 61XX PBXs across 5 different customers, all with different passwords etc and behind firewalls, go offline.

Fail2Ban/Dynamic Defense show nothing.

Has anyone else got troublesome 61XX today? The 62XX units are running fine.

All have latest firmware etc, as late as a 6100 can anyway.

Anyone else seeing them screwing up today?


There appears to be something across the board on all UCM levels.
Anything older than 1.0.19.X, or older specifically for 61XX series (including other 1.0.18.X versions) are crashing.
Updating to the latest appears to be the only fix.

It’s almost as if they had a self-destruct initiated to force the latest upgrades…


if you made the firewall rules in ACL you don’t have to worry,
otherwise you can seriously worry and ask yourself why you didn’t.
The attacker doesn’t have to go to UCM, UCM is a VoIP server, it’s not a firewall.

also assume you have UCM with the updated fw UCM6100, otherwise the questions you will have to ask yourself will be two.


I have 17 6108/6116 and all active, no problems.
All of them is secure and restricted by Firewall.
couple of days ago all was upgraded.


Yes, had one go down…2x reboots fixed the problem