multiple random reboots on incoming calls



Hi all,

My DP720 occasionally reboots on incoming calls. That is before the ringtone is heard, the phone reboots. The battery is fully charged according to the indicator on the lcd screen. The battery voltage was 2.77 Volts when I looked it up in one of the settings screens.

This was a constant reproducible case until I rebooted the phone by removing and reseating a battery. Like said this situation happens occasionally, but still a few times a week. And that is too often in our case.

Firmware (BS/HS) My BS/HS combo is now in use for 3 Months. So rather new.

Anyone has the same issue? Grandstream support can you help please?

Some comments here lead me to investigate the battery. I was surprised to find 1.2 V batteries. Which would lead me to a second question. Can I also use rechargeable 1.5 Volt batteries? These are much easier to obtain shopwise. Plus if the above mentioned reboot is indeed caused by a power surge and drop in voltage, then wouldn’t a high quality 1.5 V battery set be better?

Hope to hear from you guys and ladies how you resolved this issue.

Bye now.


seen so it would seem a battery problem, the voltage is one thing, the other very much amperage.
A battery can display 1.2 Volts but being low, or of poor quality, it does not make it to feed the Product correctly.
Try to put new and quality batteries.


Go with ticket, it look like hw malfunction (if not battery problem).


hello sir, as Marcin suggested, please go through our helpdesk, file a ticket to request an RMA if the device is still under warranty. We will replace it with a new one.