Multiple GXP 1630's Not Making or Receiving Calls



I recently installed 8 GXP 1630’s for a client. Ever since the install the customer has experienced intermittent issues with all of the phones where they try to make a call and the phone just appears to freeze and when a call is coming in they can’t answer the call, it just keeps ringing whether they lift the handset or press the answer key. This happens on all the 1630 phones on their domain. They also have one 21xx phone which has not had any of these issues. We have not experienced this with these phones any time previously. So far I have tried restoring the phones to default and provisioning them again and have replaced one phone completely but this has not made any difference.

I have video of the issues occurring if this would be of any help to diagnose.


What PBX are you using?
What firmware on the phones?
Do you have a packet capture?


PBX is Freeswitch.
Firmware ver
No packet traces available at the moment.



Is the phone’s phone book provisioned by a server? Please download the phone’s config file from the web UI under maintenance->upgrade and provisioning->download device configuration and attach here. Please also give the latest firmware a try.



Please let us know if you are able to find a resolution. I’ve been fighting with the 1630’s and these issues for a long time.


Please start a new thread that describes the specifics of the issues you have and how or connected to what. The post you used is nearly 2 years old and much has changed since.