Multiple Extensions


I have enabled an extension to have 2 concurrent registrations, but only one of them is working at any given time.

They are both “External” extensions. I have the same setup on two phones that are “Internal” and they work fine. Could there be something different because they are off site?


Are the remote phones at the same location and behind the same firewall. If so, then possibly.


Hi Wayne,

I can be wrrrrong ive been wrrrrong before but…

Please make sure that your telephone has Ext 1 as using SIP UDP 5060 and Ext 2 to use SIP UDP 5061 else you will have registration and incoming call issues.

You will also need to ensure that the firewalls at both ends translate those 2 x ports correctly to the telephone system performing the registration.

Be mindful also the RTP ports…


Different port help only when router is wrong set :slight_smile:


We dont know what he has or hasnt done though so its best to ask first… to try and identify then chime in with the answer…