Multiple DID's Multiple Ring Groups


I am setting up a UCM6202 My customer has Multiple DID’s I am upgrading them from a FreePBX and trying to get the same results.

DID 1 555-555-1212 and DID 2 555-444-1212 actually ring to the same ring group. DID 3 555-333-1212 rings to completely different extensions.

Before they had it setup with different inbound routes according to the DID. Is it possible to do this with the UCM? How do I identify what number is coming in from the Sip Trunk provider.


Just reading something about the destination in the inbound route “by DID” Does anyone have any tips on how to configure this so I can have different DID’s directed to different ring groups?


Would creating an In Bound Route with the DID number put in as the dial pattern work?
I just can’t figure out how to get the box to realize that this call needs to be routed somewhere special.


You set up a different rule for each DID that has a unique destination. So, if 123456 needs to go to extension 100, that is 1 rule. If 123457 needs to go to the IVR at extension 230, that is a 2nd rule and if 123458 and 123459 need to go to a ring group at extenion 400, that is a 3rd rule.

The DID must be in the inbound rule and in the exact format as seen in the incoming INVITE using either the Request or TO headers. Upon deciding which header will be used, that header selection needs to be made in the trunk setting under “inbound mode”.

Of course all of the above is conditioned under the premise that you are using SIP trunks…which was not mentioned.


Yes you are correct I am using a SIP trunk.

So i have set the inbound mode to be By DID but I don’t see where to enter the DID to reference.

Not usually this slow, Sorry I am trying to see what you are explaining to me but I am just missing it.


Custom alert info… I think this is where I am supposed to put in the DID…

Just saw this option. is this correct?

Assuming this is correct how to I select the ring group for the DID


No. Inbound routes is the place


I don’t see where to define what ring group to send the call to.
I set the default mode to ByDID I set the Alert-info to custom and put the DID in that spot.

Am I missing something simple?


Yes, very. You might refer to the manual and YouTube for setup. One needs to define a ring group before one can send a call to it. By DID is not correct. And the Alert-info setting is also not correct. It should be left blank and XXXXXXXXX is not a DID, but rather you are telling the UCM to accept any number that is XXXXXXXXX digits long. You need to put the actual DID number in the pattern box as it is that which the UCM looks to determine how to direct a number.

You should refer to the GS Website and the product UCM and look for the resource as there is the admin manual as well as guides on other aspects of the UCM to include how ot set up inbound and outbound routes. A number of forum members have also generated YouTube videos on the installation and setup and they do a nice job of taking some of the mystery out of it and may eliminate some of the tedium of reading manuals.


Awesome, Thanks for the help.