Multicell DECT system


I think a Grandstream system is missing a multicell Dect system, when I saw the Beta Test DP-752 I thought for a moment that it was mistakenly multicell, just as it is simply replacing the DP-750, much better than the DP-750, almost to admit that the DP-750 was a “badly” product, sorry for the outburst. But this I think.



Just a thought, however, with the introduction of the WP820, I think that the need for multicell DECT has been greatly reduced…


the quality of the voice on a Dect system is considerably better than the voice quality in wifi, not for nothing the competition pushes on the multicell dect cells.



Totally disagree. WiFi have better voice as it can use better codecs (722, OPUS and more in feature) while DECT is dead with new voices.
Problem is bad AP if someone use them.


Any competition forum, and all my friends installers report better quality on the Dect part.
Then everyone sees it as they like.



What you mean by better quality?
Main problem with wifi is bad AP.


The DECT protocol was born to manage the voice, it was designed to convey the voice and has a considerable support and stability, the wifi was not born to manage the voice, it was implemented later. As a result, it currently can not have the quality that the Dect can give you.



Bad AP will give you bad result, but same can be told about VoIP in general.
QoS was designed to change this and prioritize voice.
Also new WiFi protocols enable roaming: 802.11KRV

So in short WiFi quality in customer place is bad that’s why it is worse ?
Add new AP and allow only wifi phones then you will have same environment as Dect and tell me again that dect is better. Next add Dect to new flor, because of wifi i can add next AP and add it to controller.

By default WiFi win but you need prepare correct infrastructure for it.

WiFi handset is more expensive but it not have shortage that dect have.

  • Station limit
  • range limit (hard to expand)
  • old voice quality
  • limit calls per base


Marcin make a speech that does not hold up.
The Dect has proprietary solutions in all the manufacturers, there are those who work worse, there are those who work better, generally if you choose for example Snom or Panasonic you do not have a problem, you make a comparison with portable ip GS with cells a.p. GWN GS, Grandstream would be happy if all the companies all over the world used their products.
So the comparison dect / wifi should not be done as you do.



What ?
WP820 is not portable CELL !!! Also other companies also make hand-held WiFi phones (not many - few).
Basic problem with WiFi was that AP lack correct management and roaming was extreme costly.

You not aware about this product ?


nobody said that WP is a mobile phone, it will only be a translation problem,
in any case you have your ideas based on your experience, I after 30 Years of Telecommunications I have mine, the world is beautiful just because it is varied :slight_smile:



Wifi (Especially in enterprise) can be a real bear to get “voice grade.” I don’t mean to say it CAN’T be done because it can, but DECT, especially for medium to small installations is a no-brainer. My Spectralink Link3000 which is a proprietary 900mhz system performs way better (and with much fewer base stations) than the in-building aruba wireless does.

For some installations it may not be feasible for the company to build a voice grade wifi system. In that case I agree that multi-cell DECT is a great viable alternative.


In few years dect will drop significant, it make no sense to create separate dect network when you already have enterprise grade wifi (as normal price AP already have it). For now small installation with simple office dect is cheaper then wifi phone and that is main advantage for me. Limitation of calls, limitation for dect handset is main disadventage. I can see on WP820 video from Video doorphone, can you do it on Dect ?
Simply WiFI is feature rich while dect stop years ago. It same as smartphone > old phone.


@Marcin I share your thoughts to 90%, but why the big vendors continue to churn and improve their Dect systems? I think it will take many years to see the abandoned Dect.


Price and low expert for VoIP, everyone afraid for WiFi and VoIP. It was exactly same for Voip when network was tragic. Only price for calls make them usable. Now most people/companies have cheap access to stable big internet so VoIP is in attack with rich features for reasonable price :slight_smile: