Multicast Paging Notification Alert/Sound



Is it possible to have an alert tone played when the devices auto answer a multicast page? The sudden voice on the phone’s loudspeaker can be a bit startling to some and others may miss the initial part of the broadcast by the time they begin paying attention.


yes, use pcode in zero config to play warning tone of page.


Is there a setting to do this if the Multicast is initiated from the phone? Is there a setting if the Multicast is initiated from the UCM?

I am away from the office and can’t look, but in the past (way past) I couldn’t see a way to do this. Perhaps it has been implemented in a firmware upgrade, but I can’t recall seeing it.


What pcode would that be?


Well, I guess I have to take it back. GS does not support the warning tone on multicast.
My apologies,

I installed a different make last week that does tone.

For GS multicast, upload a custom prompt file to the specific multicast extension. It will play first and then allow you to speak,.

Here are a number of them, I use #2. Just download the mp.3 and then upload into the UCM.
Sorry for the confusion.


Too bad that can’t be used when the Multicast page originates from a phone instead of the UCM.


True. I take it that the issue is more related to when using MC master from the Algo?


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