Motion Detection Streaming to External Server



At the moment motion detection sends static images via email and can upload to FTP. I would like an option to stream to an external web server so that if motion is detected then live video is captured externally so that if somebody does smash the camera I have live captured the video rather than have it lost when the camera is removed.


That is a problem with every camera. To have a good backup, I use iSpyConnect. This is a really good “live recorder” which can record offsite in real time.


In the camera - configure an Alarm server and select “Upload to Alarm Center” under motion detection.

use Grandstream’s GSurf_Pro - take any computer and make it a DVR


The camera can pre, and post record video after motion detection and upload it to a server - not just snapshots.

You can also have the camera make an outbound video call to another device on motion detection - this is a live stream which you could also record.