Most Useless Forum Site EVER!



Have never seen a more useless, hard to use forum site. Everytime I try to access it I am faced with an error message or something telling me I can’t do it…

Please just bring back old forum

I do not like the new software. Hard to navigate. The other version was so cozy, enjoyable to use.


Access Denied
while trying to load /c/ip-pbxs/find_by_slug.json
Something went wrong.
Go Back Try Again



That happens when you do a search without login in.


Except I WAS logged into Forums…


Hello Vanisle,

what were you trying to access? It looks like you tried to access a board without joining the public group first, please go here and freely leave/join the groups you wish to see. If you “leave” a group, you will not see this information, it is up to the user.

Let us know if this fixes your issue.



That’s great, except if you want to join more than three groups you get a ‘Joining groups too quickly’

Why? That’s, quite frankly, a horrible user experience decision.


FYI it’s really difficult to join these forums right now. You’ll be waiting somewhere between one hour and several days for the confirmation message.


I was finally able to get access to the forum threads and have been searching for information. So my frustration was more with the initial setup and registration as well as there seemed to be nothing indicating where I had to join groups, so my attempts at accessing the threads were rejected. Anyway, am past that now so a frazzled smile here. Still trying to find out why my inbound calls are not getting past the dashboard. Port goes Orange but no active calls show up. Not my first UCM 6XXX install, but first with this problem…


Thanks for your help. I was able to join a group and am now able to view the threads…


Not impressed with the new format.

I find that other forum members share informed answers. Been thinking about starting a Facebook group.




I have to agree with VanIsle here. I’m also a brand new forum user and the intro leads to confusion. You log in and get this big banner “Select Your Community” listing a bunch of groups, implying this might be where you start. All you get is an error message when clicking on them. Instead of a vague error message, maybe leave a message stating you aren’t a member of the group and a link to the groups page.

I’m a member of a group now thanks to this posting, but nowhere on this site still can I find the link to that groups listing yet except in this posting.

Also found I can’t post anything at all. No replies. No new topics. When does this end?
I wander around nearly aimlessly trying to get answers to my problem when eventually I get a message I’ve stuck around long enough and read enough posts I’ve been elevated to a “Basic” user?

Might want to help new users along. Obvious New User FAQ or sticky or msg or email… something.



It’s a little odd. I don’t like it. I feel like an old guy yelling at kids to keep off my grass. However, I’ve used it a couple days now and I’m getting used to it. And, I hate to admit, starting to like it.

I really like the way new topics that I have not read, are so easy to see as soon as I log in.


My favorite part? For whatever reason (likely just to make our lives hell) they left all the original links in place, even though they can’t be used to get to anything they used to link to. So you search for some topic on Google, and it brings up a result in the forums! Hooray! Except when you click on that link, instead of taking you anywhere useful, you just get the “This page does not exist or is private” error.

Workaround for that? Copy the title of the post from the link on the Google page, and paste that in to the search function on the Grandstream forums. Not elegant, bit of a PITA, but it works.

Except what happens when you find a topic that’s useful, looks to be going somewhere, and someone responds “found the answer in another post. Here’s a link”? You follow that link, and guess what? It’s f***ing broken. “This page does not exist or is private.” Thanks a whole lot, Grandstream, for making your forums almost completely useless.

Edit: Apparently, that’s no longer the case. Now, when you click a link, it just takes you to the main forum page, not the topic you were trying to get to. So… better? Not really, no.

Edit: Looks like they’ve fixed this issue, at least.


Hello mnovakzarate5d,

we actually preserved the old links which redirect to the proper topic in the new format.

old link:

redirects to

this should work for the old links, if you seem to have issues with one let us know.



Alright, that’s good. I realized after I posted this that I hadn’t checked on it in a while. Seems that you all have fixed the issue. I’ll edit my post above to reflect that.


I was just looking at an old post that included a file I needed. Unfortunately the file has disappeared.

Don’t know if you were aware of this or not.


Why is there no forum category for phones?
The closest I see is IP PBX appliances which to me means gateways and premise based systems. Not handsets. I see access points, admin, conference, EOL, gateways and ATAs, routers, cameras, video, video talk, video telephony (seem redundant), NVRs, video door systems, and a few mod sections. But nothing for “handsets”. That’s just odd unless I’m missing something obvious.


there is a category called ip voice telephony. Im not sure if you just missed it or if it is not visible to you.