More than one family house support



A sign below the GDS could be:

1 = Mrs. One
2 = Miss Two
3 = Mr. Three and so forth.

Without using an UCM the GDS should have the possibility to call to different targets.
Could you please implement this antytime soon?
An easy to use Plug and Play App as OliverB requested is also useful.

Proposal For new function on GDS 3710

Virtual number should work when i add IP to it.


This should work already when call mode using “SIP Number” instead of Virtual Number.

Actually you can put multiple IP address in the “number called when door bell pressed” field, you can even mixing IP, SIP Number or Hunting Group (if UCM involved). The GDS3710 should ring those input in serial.

Please try and advise whether this is what you want. Thanks!


okay, I´m in SIP Mode.
Number Called When Door Bell Pressed =,,
And yes, GDS ring the first IP and after that the second IP in serial.
My suggestion is:
Dial 1 = call to
Dial 2 = call to
Dial Bell button = in serial


@MichaelS: Thanks for the feedback. Will report this as well as the Virtual Number Dialing Request to Engineering for evaluation and consideration. Keep tuned. Thanks for using Grandstream products.


hope it´ll be released soon…
Friendly reminder.


@MichaelS: This feature has been supported already for a while. What is the firmware you have right now? Please upgrade to latest, factory reset the GDS3710, and re-configure it again, it should work. Please advise your result. Thanks!


Hi GS_GUY, yes, it´s
The Multi channel call mode from
page 70 isn´t what I mean.
How´s the name and how can I setup?
Many thanks Michael