Monitoring video from iPad?


I’d like to keep an eye on the front door for visitors. Is it possible to monitor the video from the GDS3710 from an iPad? I suppose I could keep a call open with GS Wave 24/7 and just mute myself, but maybe there’s a better solution (ONVIF?). Just wondering how others have set things up.


MPEG and onvif are available.


Download from iTune the APP called: IP Cam Viewer, either light version (free) or paid version ($3.99?).

The configure it assuming GDS3710 is an IP Camera. The light/free version does not allow two-way audio and cannot record, but it is enough for your monitoring usage.

Please advise whether this works. How to configure the IP Cam Viewer, just google or check out Grandstream IP Camera configuration. Tips is treat the GDS3710 as an Grandstream IP camera.

Thanks for using GDS3710.