Monitored Call Park on GRP2616


I’m having trouble getting Monitored Call Park to work the way I would like on GRP2616 phones. The GRP2616 has the small screen on the bottom right with the physical multi-purpose keys. The way I currently have it working is to use 4 of the physical multi-purpose keys set like this.
1: MonitoredCallPark Value: 701
2: MonitoredCallPark Value: 702
3: MonitoredCallPark Value: 703
4: MonitoredCallPark Value: 704

I first set the Default Parking Lot on the UCM6304 to use parking slot as extension. This works but it is taking up 4 of the physical multi-purpose keys.

When a call comes in, I hit the 1st button to put it in parking slot 1, and the screen at the bottom switches to a 2nd page showing the call that is parked. If another call comes in, I answer it and then switch back to the 1st page and put the call in parking slot 2. Same for the 3rd and 4th call.

This all works fine but I would like to only have a single Call Park button which then puts the call in a parking slot on the 2nd page.

I was hoping that just setting the MonitoredCall Park button to value: 700 which is the extension of the default lot would work and send the calls to the next available slot and show those slots on the next page but it doesn’t. When I set it this way, the button status doesn’t light up red/green and when I send the call to Park, it just sends the call away with no way that I know of to retrieve it. If I go to the UCM > Active Calls, I can see the call is connected to extension 701 which is parking slot 1 and if I send a 2nd call, it is in parking slot 702. This makes it seem like it is halfways working but the parking slots are not showing on the screen of the GRP2616 2nd page for me to retrieve the calls.


Type of VPMK DTMF - value 700

This is the embedded park code and it will play to the user which park position is being used.