Monitor Call Park CID Name Information (when?)



I notice the new firmware ( for the UCM has the above feature on the GXP21xx phones, however the firmware for these phones do not mention this, when will this feature be in the GXP21xx phones?


It is in BETA already.


The feature is scheduled to be implemented in the next release of GXP21xx firmware.


the current BETA ( or the one after this ?


Firmware v1.0.9.69 already has this feature and it doesnt work, hence the question.


The next BETA release should have it. Due to some issues that were found during development, it wasn’t able to make it to the current Beta.


Thanks for the clarification


@GS.Jimmy how is this feature going to work?

When the server NOTIFYs the phone of the call park state change, should we include a special header?


As long as the UCM has CID names configured for extensions and trunks, no additional configuration changes should be needed.


@GS.Jimmy Sorry I should have clarified - How do we make this work on non-UCM PBX systems like Asterisk and Freeswitch? We wrote our own SIP engine, so it’ll be quite easy to add this useful and unique functionality in.


Not sure it’s available to you at this time in stock Asterisk. You could write some custom dialplan stuff that creates an ADB entry for the CID information and retrieve it easily enough, but the trick is to get it to display on the phone. I’ll have our Asterisk coder take a look and see if there’s a way. What phone(s) are you interested in, specifically?


Oh nice! Yeah we don’t use stock Asterisk, we had to add a lot to it to make it do what we want it to do.

All GXP21xx series. We just need to know the syntax of the NOTIFY so we can insert whatever header the phone is expecting for it.

Actually, if you can get a pcap from a UCM system, that will likely tell us what we need to code


@grandstream firmware notes show this

Which I just tested on a 2160 using and it did not work

Which phone firmware should we expect to see this in?


Looking forward to this feature, but it doesn’t seem to be working in any firmware release as of yet. Does GS have any information as to when this feature will be fixed?


I apologize for the late reply. The feature will be in the next available firmware release, but there is currently no ETA for it.


Has anybody got this to work yet? Been trying all the latest firmware and betas on 2170, and latest firmware on a 6104 and 6202. Training video on youtube shows it working.


It is on the UCM, but not the phone yet. It should be the next stable phone firmware 1.0.9.x where x is over 100.


Heheh. He said “stable.” :slight_smile:


I hate to paraphrase, but as said -

“You can’t fix stable”

(but you sure can remove it -RIP


Has this been added yet?