MOH is showing error when we select custom field


Hello All,

I am facing the issue in UCM 6510,
In Ring group when I am selecting MOH as custom uploaded ringtone.
It shows an error message and even MOH is not working.
Warning: If Music On Hold is not “None”, using inbound route via analog trunk may incur costs.
Can you please anyone guide me on this issue?


What the error message means that if using a route that takes you directly to a ring group, the caller will either hear the ring back tone. In this case the system has not yet answered the call as it is waiting for one of the ring group phones to do so.
If the caller hears MOH, then the system had to answer the call in order to play the music.

Depending upon your situation an unanswered call equates to no cost. And if answered, it may equate to a cost and especially so if the caller called long distance and is then put on-hold.

If you uploaded music and the music is in the proper format, then you should be able to load it into a new group and then select the group which contains the track.


Hi thanks for Reply,

I have just created new MOH class to classify and then uploaded MOH file in .wav format and .gsm format.
When I am selecting MOH in the ring group it shows an error message.
operators hold the phone at the time default hold music running instead of uploaded file.

Please, advice for same.


There is no error here ?
Warning you can ignore.


yeah that is warning and MOH is not playing the file uploaded.
Is it possible?


Make check:
Call from internal extension to ring group. Check if you hear your record music.
This “music” is played as replacement for ring, but IT can be ignored by external system (pbx) as there is 2 types of ring - 180 and 183 and 183 must be supported (i skip explain).


Hi Marcin,

I have check when calling from my extension to ring group it says my uploaded music.that’s correct.

but the thing is when from out someone calling us at that time my uploaded music is playing instead of welcome music.
and other thing when i m holding that call it says default Music on hold is running.


Sepaate 2 things:

  1. Hold in group is not hold it is replacement for ringtone. If that is not working you need gather Ethernet capture on port to provider and see flow. There should be 183 ring not 180.
  2. Hold after pickup call is set on Extension music on HOLD.


So, What i basically need is when someone call from Outside the call will go to ring group and when all operators are busy at that time compulsory it plays our Uploaded music of MOH.
And if one extension want to hold that out call then also he can put on hold.

For that i have uploaded custom MOH file bt it’s not working in my PBx.


No, a ring group (RG) does not hold callers in suspense. If all members of a ring group are busy or otherwise unavailable, the ring will execute the destination rule in order to move the call along.

If all agents are busy, then a call queue is the function that will hold callers in suspense pending the designated timeout being reached or an agent becoming available, whichever comes first.

In a RG, the MOH will only replace what would normally be a ring back tone. Its purpose is to provide some form of sound so that the caller is not hearing dead air and knows that the call has not been disconnected and is still progressing. So it may play for a few seconds or for a longer period depending on when a member answers (if they do) or if it goes to the set destination if established and no one answers.


If you are using a Call Queue, then the MOH that is set in Basic Setting for that queue will play while the person (internal or external) is waiting to be connected to an agent.