I have installed a UCM 6202 device connected to an Analog Trunk, my service provider is CLARO Telecommunications.

When I set up an IVR as a Welcome Message on the incoming call, the IP-PBX does not recognize any number as an option to transfer the call to an extension number.

It has already been tested with all the DTMF options that the system has but none works correctly.

Computer data:
UCM 6202
Analog Trunk: Claro Supplier

Thank you very much for your help.


Hmmm. the DTMF is generated by the device on the other end of the analog line, not the provider. The provider may generate other tones based upon their their network/connection status, but this should have no impact upon a DTMF being generated by a key push.

When you dial out from the UCM to a location that requires a DTMF entry, does this work?
Have you tried dialing in using different devices to see if any work?
Is there some kind of line impairment that might prevent the UCM from being able to decode the tones - hum, echo, etc.
Did you run the PSTN tests that the UCM has so that line optimization can be had (please see the manual on these tests)?


Use RFC2833 and you’ll never have a problem