Model Templates Missing After Upgrading Firmware


Hello All,

Third time now, I’ve updated the firmware on a system from to The directions in the release notes say to upgrade direction from one to the other.

After the upgrade, all the Model Templates I’ve created are missing. I’ve downgraded the firmware but the templates are still missing. I have not had time to factory reset and reload from the backup so, I cannot comment on that.

Being as I haven’t seen many people in the forum commenting on this problem, and it’s the second time I’ve run into something similar (remember back to 15.x where all the Pcodes and values were corrupted). I’m wondering if I’m using them wrong or, relying too much on templates. I love the control the Pcodes give me, I use 20 to 30 in each template on each system. I’m wondering if there are firmware updates that, if any Pcode value has changed, it just wipes out the template to avoid the massive problems I had back with 15.x.

To what level are you pro’s using templates / Zero config. I’m only selling the UCM’s so, everything is in-house. However, I’ve been considering setting up a raspberry pie with a tftp server or something like that to offload the templates to another system. Also, when using 20 to 30 pcodes per system per template, it’s a little old that I cannot export and import the template pre programed the way I like it. Either that or I’ve completely missed how to do this.

Have any of you upgraded and lost your templates?

Any suggestions to upgrade without losing the templates?



I think it is to do with major upgrades because in the past this has occurred for me…


****shakes fist at major updates


there would be a very simple method, repeatedly reported by me but ignored, to export/import models on Zero config.
On GDMS is possible to do this, I do not understand what they are waiting to activate this thing on UCM.



At any point on the systems in question, did you get an abnormal system message or similar when saving a template?


James I rely heavily on templates via Zero Config. The only problem I ran into was that one where the PCodes got corrupted is you have a comma (,) in the value string.

Grandstream recommends doing a backup before an upgrade.

Also, you do not have to factory reset before doing a restore.


@damiano70 lots of folks have folks have been asking for import/export in multiple areas of the system (including templates, calendars, etc.) for a long time.


Sorry, I was not clear when taking about factory resetting. I had already downgraded and restored form backup. I just haven’t had a chance to go the extra step and try factory resetting before restoring from backup.


Not that I recall.


I know I know, but I obviously speak for myself, the more people the better, in theory :slight_smile:


Any advice on using something other than Zeroconfig?

I’ve got 9Gb of a 10Gb web service doing nothing. I could setup a folder for each customer and direct the phone via DHCP options. I’ve never actually done this, I’m not sure it’s any more reliable that Zeroconfig.

Also, the idea of putting a raspberry pie in the building with a TFTP server. Agian, I haven’t done this, I’m not sure about how stable it would be.

Or, just leave it alone and stick with Zeroconfig? After all, it sure seems like it would be the easiest to manage phones connected to a UCM.


To me it’s not about the mechanics of how the phones get the config, its about the generation of the config to include that which the UCM accommodates automatically with the linkages between what is set in the extension settings (name, password, ext#, codecs, etc.) that would need to be incorporated into your configs manually.

I don’t know if its worth it to develop a system to try and overcome the issue you had, when you likely could have restored a backup onto the system following the upgrade. You might also encounter some added workload when GS elects to update the firmware and adds new functions or changes pcodes or moves to XML.


to my modest way of seeing, in my opinion it is better to wait for the next FW UCM, I believe and hope in good news


You could use GDMS for more and more of this as they continue to add more phones and eventually the UCM itself.