Model template gone


Hello All,

Just upgraded from 18.12 to 19.27 and my model templates are gone. Has anyone run into this / found an easy fix? I’m just being lazy as I had a lot of pcodes used. I don’t want to spent the 10 or 15 minutes to redo this. So, Umm, any thoughts or just go do it?



Did you create a backup before upgrading ?


Hmm…what exactly do you mean that the model templates are gone? It is one thing to lose the Pcode settings for a given model template, but not the template itself…which I have never heard of.


When I click on model templates, there used to be three, now there are zero.

Very odd indeed. I’ve never seen this either.


Do they show in the updates? If you look at an extension that was using one of the missing templates, does it show the extension still assigned to the missing template?

I am aware of and have had pcodes go missing (another story), but never this.


Hi! I am facing this problem again and again: I use Model Templates and add Pcodes to this (for example a template for GXP2130). I add about 10 Pcodes and save. Next time I go to this templates the Pcodes are all lost / gone and I have to add all of them again.
I’ve just added a Pcode to define the ringtone, saved, came back and all Pcodes are gone.

I did not fine another thread about this so I am writing here.


Might be best to open a help desk ticket on this one.


Hey @Covos,

I’ve switched almost all my customers to GDMS due to this issue. Many people have not run into this but, I have. It’s a huge pain to have to go back and redo the Pcodes. Got so bad, I would keep screenshots of the Pcodes just to help recreate them.

Oddly, if I tried to restore from a backup, it didn’t help. It’s like the pcodes where never saved correctly.

With that said. I didn’t do a lot of tracking which systems gave me problems. But, it seems the systems that gave my issues where all running on hardware version 1.4a and, after a while, the memory failed on all of them. I can’t be sure due to the lack of tracking which system gave me problems but, I think it might have been an early warning about failing memory.

So, just curious, which hardware version are you running?


Hi! My 6202 is running on V1.7A
I will post a ticket asap


My guess:
some codes was replicated in new model template so GS clean it all :confused:



Been down this path and spend weeks with Grandstream and got nowhere.

basicly i have a a template which i put on all my UCM that i sell about we found if we added a new Pcode it deleted all the other pcodes. Grandstream said they couldn’t reproduce even with our template however we could 100% of the time.

in the end we just ended up having to delete that template and recreated the template and its worked ever since.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Andrew Maher


I have reported similar, but not be the same -

When you enter the codes and do a save, watch the subsequent success indication. In my case, when saving, the system came back with a success message followed almost immediately by a abnormal system error.

You can then look and see if your entries are missing and then you should look in the operation log to see if a delete all custom entries for template # exists. You might also go back in the template and see if any of the unused MPK and VMPK keys have an unusual entry in them. In my cases, it was always a -1.