Model template causes line buttons and calling to stop working


We just purchased a new UCM6202 and a bundle of GXP2170’s.

i did a basic setup, just wanting to get the phones working, and then add zero config to push across most of the settings as required.

So everything was fine until i started to do up the model template to have some settings auto setup.

The 10 phones are setup in extensions, voip trunks are setup but disabled as the sip accounts are active on the live system, all phones are DHCP, but there are reservations at the DHCP to keep things the same.

the phones without a model template have the account 1 on the screen top left corner, they respond when the handset is picked up, meaning they try and call etc.

When i tried to put into a template the Virtual Multi-Purpose Key Settings so the line keys are the 10 extensions as shortcuts via the BLF mode, the units fail to respond after having the settings applied. So the settings are seen on the units, key 1 is extension 1000, 2 is 1002 etc. and the lights go green, but then nothing responds. the only way to properly revert it is to have the unit factory reset and re-provisioned.

if i send another config to it, that is applied, but it wont bring up the call dialogue box when the handset is lifted as it did before.

Im gathering in my total lack of knowledge that i have applied a settings wrong or made an assumption that the template only has the bare needed changes instead of a whole config.

I have just upraded the firmware on the phones and UCM in case it was that.

Please help!!!

Hope that all makes sense.
Ill try and clarify anything needed.


exactly can you list the problems you’re experiencing?


When the model template with Virtual multi purpose keys is applied to any of the phones the phones then:

  1. the handset when picked up doesnt trigger the screen to change
  2. no dial tone is present when picked up
  3. the line key LED’s are lit green and dont change
  4. the line buttons dont work
  5. Speaker phone button doesnt respond
  6. only the following buttons work on the whole phone:
  • volume up and down
  • direction buttons and center button
  • phone book button
  • mic mute displays DND
  • small buttons under the screen, app button i think, history and forwardAll

So i can navigate the menu, and if i press the phone book button, i can press the red speaker button and it cancels the phonebook screen and takes me back home.


to answer all these questions you should do a course first, I imagine that at least the basics to install those products you have it, otherwise I see it really hard …
try to ask for one problem at a time, someone will try to give you a hand


Interestingly if i dont have the template set as default, then the settings arent applied.

I created a new template and put on a wallpaper change, and my 2 test phones applied the wallpaper but still retain the faulty settings and hence the same issues.

I added a 3rd phone which didnt have the other template, and it applied the wallpaper template, which changed, but all other functions are fine.


Ok, all sorted shortly after posting that last one.

So on the units it seems that you have to have the VMPK 1 set to Line with Account 1.
if it isnt set, then the handset does all that i described.

I have put that into the template, and then added all the other functions i want, and its all working.

Thanks Damiano70 for responding, and yes training would be awesome in any other scenario, i would have thought reading the manuals would have given me the understanding, but it seems that little bit was lacking in what i read and listened to online.
The manual says that i should be able to change all the VMPK and it will still bring up the call screen, but im not sure what other settings are needed.

anyways things are working now, so im all happy!!


the key you missed works as a “conversation route”, you must have at least 1 or you can’t use the phone.
I’ll put at least 2 to use the second call etc…


so do you mean if line 1 is busy then the second is needed for users to call out?
I have the fallover trunk settings enabled…


On the phones, think of the line keys as “appearance” keys. When you press the line key and dial out you are establishing a path to the PBX, by which the call can flow, Conversely, when a call is sent to the PBX, it too is trying to establish a path, but if there is no where for the call to appear on the phone, then how does one answer and if more than one call, how does one manage them both (all)?

These keys merely represent how many paths can be seen and handled by the phone at any one time from and to the PBX. They have nothing to do with how many physical phone lines or call paths you have with your service provider. The PBX along with your outbound rules manages this aspect so you don’t really have to.