Mobile App - Wishlist



Since GDMS will replace GAPS and GWN.Cloud, a mobile app would be great (GWN has one).

Here’s what we would like to see:

  • Base features of the GWN app (obviously)
  • GDMS Monitoring with few actions (list of devices per site, ability to reboot, reset or reprovision from the app)
  • GDMS Stats (dashboard-like)
  • GDMS devices details (MAC, S/N, IP, etc.)
  • Ability to add devices via camera (scan barcodes on box, add device to GDMS automagically!)
  • Notifications on device offline or abnormal (for GDMS and GWN) [suggested by @drostoker]

If anyone has other ideas, reply and I’ll add them to this list.


Alerts would be good.

The app needs to run both cell phones and tablets.


I agree, support for tablets is a must!


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

This is on our roadmap and we will release it in the future. Thanks for your patient.

Thank you!


Still talking about mobile, will GS Wave mobile be supported in GDMS?


Dear user,

Thanks for your nice suggestion! We will implement our deskphone/devices first, and consider our GS Wave mobile phones in the future release.

Thank you!