Missed calls UCM3204


We are missing numerous calls on two analog lines incoming and ATT fiber out. Customers are complaining we do not answer the phones. Ran call report and we are missing more than half of our calls. Is this a problem with this unit.


Try configuration of the call flow and check why your destinations arent receiving the call.


UCM3204 is a Product of the Future? :slight_smile:


A little confusing in that the category you posted under is for GXV video phones and the UCM 3204 is not out for general availability. Do you mean UCM 6204?

You ran a call report from what source? I am wondering that with only two analog inbound lines if the calls were not missed per se, but rather the lines were busy and there were no other paths in at the time? It is also curious as to why (IP-Flex?) out with ATT. Why not in as well?

Additionally, have you tried test calls yourself and observed any issues? As you have the benefit of having the reports, the observations of the site and the ability to test, there is not much to offer other than to say that I only have a few analog sites, the most with 8 lines and I do not have any client complaints such as yours.