Missed call notification for ring group


Hi everyone, I have a customer on 3CX that has a service counter with multiple phones that ring at once. The issue is when one of those phones are answered, all of the other phones show a missed call. Is there anyway to change that?



The way 3cx and most other IPPBX systems work is that when a call enters a ring group with a ring all strategy and the call is answered by one of the members within that same ring group, the answering phone will let the PBX know that it has the call with a 200OK message. Upon receipt of the OK, the PBX will then send a cancel message to the other members of the group so that they will quit ringing and also embedded in the message will be a reason code of “answered elsewhere” which is the trigger by which the other phones in the same ring group that were ringing to not indicate a missed call.

So, you might check to see that the phone models are up to date on firmware and check the release notes to see if the issue is mentioned and addressed, that you are running the latest version of 3cx and/or check the 3cx forums for those who may have reported something similar.

I am assuming that there is only the one ring group and the end destination is not causing confusion not knowing more about how the overall routing is handled and if multiple calls in the RG are allowed (parameter setting change). If the end destination is in play even if a loop, then the missed call will appear.


Oh okay so what you’re saying is that this must be a 3CX issue as the phones are designed to know when another phone in the same ring group answers the call and are not supposed to show a missed call notification. Thanks for the detailed explanation about how that works. That should be really helpful should the people at 3CX try to blame it on the phones!


No I do not believe @lpneblett is saying that it is a 3CX issue, it is a typical ring group action and operation.

Is it 3CX Standard or Pro ?


Turn off missed call notification on all phones?


That will turn off all missed calls to include those not associated to the RG as well as valid ones from the RG.


Kev has it correct. I am not saying it is a 3CX issue. I am informing how the missed call function works which is why I suggested also checking the phone firmware and release notes.

It is not that the phones know, they are told so by 3CX.

If you wish to check, then run a capture on 3cx from the activity log and replicate the scenario. When done download the capture and then look at the cancel message and then the reason within that message. If it has answered elsewhere, then it is not 3CX.


This is for 3CX Pro


I do have it on the currently supported firmware from 3CX. I’m going to pose this question on the 3CX forums and see what they have to say.


Okay so the solution was to use Call Queues instead of Ring Groups which I believe is a Pro feature only. I setup the Queues with the same members as the groups and changed the dial tone to USProgressTone so the caller would hear a proper dial tone instead of the hold music it defaulted to.


Correct ergo why I asked about if it was a 3CX STD or 3CX PRO


Appreciate it Scott