Missed Call dial plan


my dial plan is { x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }, I need to be able to add 9 (pattern) before dailing the caller id from the missed call logs.


Are the handsets behind a Grandstream UCM ?


Yes UCM6510. When we receive external calls CID based, and when we dial it from Missed Calls, it dials the number but without adding the “9” pattern which we are using for dialing out.


Then either create a new outbound rule that prepends a 9 or modify the phone dial plan to add. The manuals show how to do both.


Even better modify inbound route so missed will be with 9 already


OK, I tried to add the below dial plan to my GXP 1630 IP Phone Set:


It worked for external numbers, But now I cannot call my local extensions. It gives an error:

No dial plan rules matched.

My previous dial plan was:

{ x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }

Do I need to append it to this plan?


OK, I tried appending to the existing dial plan:

{<=9>xxxxxxxx | x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }

And seem to be working. But will this affect any other dialing plans that I am not aware of?
Please guide me if the above dial plan is correct.


As I have no idea of what dialing needs you may have for your locale, only you can answer the question.