Migration problem from UCM6208 to UCM6304



I need to migrate from UCM6208 to UCM6304. I uploaded the configuration from UCM6208 and converted it to GDMS, then uploaded it to UCM6304. There was a problem. UCM6304 is loaded, but the WEB interface is not available. At the same time, there is a ping and SSH works. The PBX screen displays “booting”.

I will be glad if you help me.


before converting, did you update the UCM6208 FW to the latest release?

if it still doesn’t work:


The firmware is not the latest. I will update and try again. Thank you!


6208 have static IP ? If yes you generate conflict when both are in same net.



I was unable to update UCM6208 to the latest firmware The PBX now has firmware version She has problems. It is not amenable to reconfiguration and firmware. After the reboot, it rolls back to the old config and firmware.

I understand that on version it is impossible to make a working config for UCM6304 using the convert tool.

With such a problem, contact only the service center or technical support?

Update. Created a support ticket.

Update. Technical support denied support due to sanctions.


UСM6208 works on the network. And I connect to 6304 directly through a laptop.


Thanks to everyone who responded!


It look like 6208 memory is damaged. So maybe backup is damaged too.