Migration from UCM6108 to UCM6208



I saw in my forum search that GS was developing a migration tool. Does one exist? Search has come up empty. For this customer it would be brutal to start from scratch.


fw version of the 2 UCMs?


Old 6108 (I think) to latest 6208


Make a backup of the 6102. Then restore it on the latest firmware of the 6202.

Check if everythings is there and adjust what’s not. Meanwhile, the 6102 is still working in backup.


if you want to be sure that the database will convert it correctly, pass the 6108 to the latest version (with the various intermediate steps)


Need upgrade first 1.0.13xx allow for transfer backup between models AFAIR. Lower it was not possible.


Has anyone actually done this? Trying to budget programming time for the new unit.


Few times, usually 6102 to 6202.


I usually switch from 61xx to 62xx without problems, only foresight as already said is to bring both the last fw (doing the intermediate steps)