Microsoft Teams and UCM


Is there any plan to add the UCM as a SBC for Microsoft Teams in order to use local PBX instead of using the Microsoft one?


+1 Me Too


We have both here, would love an integration


I to would love this integration. Most of my customers using Grandstream phone systems also use office 365 and this would be a huge value add.



Don’t think this will ever happen considering GS has not made any SBC . currently we tested audio codec sbc in Azure.


Can you elaborate on this:

“currently we tested audio codec sbc in Azure”

Just not sure what you mean by this. I think if there was some type of API integration with teams even to make this work it would be great. Easy way to sell a grandstream phone system if we would be able to say that it integrates seamlessly as a teams SBC


Audiocodes is session border controller that can be deployed in Azure. You can get it from Microsoft market place. Your onsite PABX(sip) => SBC ( sip to silk) => Microsoft phone system. (silk) .

this will give users of teams to dial external numbers via you onsite PABX.

GS does have a phone that soon on beta that will run a teams app natively to allow you to connect this will however only still allow you to call people using teams app. ( Basically use a desk phone like you with the app currently) No external dialing .

If you want to be a able to use Teams to dial external numbers you need microsoft phone system (e5 license or add on about 12 usd per user) and the SBC there are a few to choose from we use audiocodes simply because we are familiar with it.

So Yes with the new phone ( I saw it in an email from grandstream future products sorry can’t remember the model ) you can and will be able to connect to teams . You do not need the SBC and Azure unless you want to route pstn and mobile calls via your UCM voip trunk.

We have only tested this the cost currently have in my view has little to no added value for small and medium business. lost more complexity for very little in return.