Mic Volume Too Quiet Over Bluetooth on GXP 2170


We have a fleet of GXP 2170s in production, and many users are using Plantronics Voyager Legend headsets with them, which are on the officially supported list for these phones. However, we’ve been receiving complaints that people on the other end struggle to hear the user when they’re using the Bluetooth headsets. When picking up the handset wired into the phone, there are no issues.

I don’t see a volume control anywhere in the phone for Bluetooth microphones. I found one that says Headset TX Gain in the web GUI for the phones that gives 3 options: -6dB, 0dB, and +6dB. Do these change the gain for Bluetooth connected headsets or simply those connected directly to the physical headset port on the back of the phone? If not, is there a way to alleviate this problem?