Message Waiting Sound


The UCM (just like my previous switchvox system) triggers a sound on the phone as well as the light to let you know you have a message. On the UCM however, it seems to constantly remind you about it every few minutes. Anyone know how to disable this or alter the amount of time it keeps playing the reminder tone?


you’re talking about a voicemail message? What verses of UCM, what kind and what fw version of phones?

I don’t know if it can be done but look at this parameter in the meantime
Instant Message Popup Timeout P26055 = 10


What make and model of phone?


yes, voicemail

Where is that setting?

i have lots of phones, all polycoms


say it before they are Polycom phones … look at the instructions of the Polycom


Is it “every few minutes” as you said or is it exactly every 30 seconds?

I’ve found on the UCM that with some models of phones, if there is an extension that is set up in the system but that extension is offline, there is a tone that sounds a lot like a call-waiting tone every 30 seconds. Very annoying - although I determined that only the user on the UCM can hear it - the other party cannot. Still distracting.

To test if this is the case, disable any extensions that exist in your extension list but are not currently registered.

Actually, as I’m thinking more about this - I think this only applies to extensions that are set up on other phones with BLF keys, as virtual extensions that are not monitored via BLF don’t seem to cause that same problem.



The phones have not changed, only the System was changed to a UCM so there must be a different trigger to cause the sound as well as the light. Previously the sound went off once, not repetitively


UCM is a Grandstream product, through Zero Config you can only manage Gradstream terminals, so you must contact Polycom support for explanations.


I completely understand this. But as i said, i did not change anything on the phones, only the server has changed and the phones are reacting differently


the old server probably handled the phone properly.
What server was it?


AFAIK, there is only 1 method the UCM uses to trigger a message waiting indicator. It may be that your old system operated differently. It may be that you Polycom phone needs to be reconfigured to match the way the UCM send its signal.

Sorry I can’t assist you further.


It was a switchvox


it’s ok, thanks


try searching for something in the phone settings for “mwi”, “msg” “voicemail” “message” “notify” or similar


It is a phone issue…with perhaps with some help from the UCM.

When a VM is received, the PBX will send a NOTIFY message to the phone. This is what triggers the phone to activate its MWI mechanism. Only if there is a status change to the mail subsystem - new message, read of email or if the phone becomes unregistered will a new Notify be sent.