Message promt when no one pick up a call


HI i have a ucm 6204,and i want to play a promt when the call is not answered by any body what is the method?


There are a wide variety of options depending on how the call was managed on the way into the system.

You’re questions is almost too broad.

The most simply answer is to direct the call to a voicemail. If the call is coming into a ring group, you should see the option at the bottom of the page where you can tell the system where to direct calls after the ring timeout has expired.

If that’s not helpful (Keeping in mind, i feel like I’m playing darts, in the dark), please consider sending some screenshots of the inbound routes. Then, look at the inbound route and send screen shots of wherever the inbound route has direct to. We’ll go from there.


Ok, thanks i fix the issue.